From the outset, we knew that offering quality in each of our solutions was key.

Quality Policy


Since 2002, Qservices has offered tailor-made solutions and management support to companies using the latest technologies on the market which best adapt to each of their needs.

Our main purpose is to analyze, design, develop and maintain applications, provide consulting services, and manage software development and automated dashboard projects for decision-making processes.


At Qservices, we perform all of our activities in a quality-oriented manner. This commitment was born from the very selection of our company’s name –which means “Quality Services”– and is made by each of us in all our undertakings.

We work every day not only to meet but also to exceed the expectations that our clients place on us in each of their projects.


Our company is devoted to an activity which, by nature, requires permanent evolution – and we accept that challenge.

Qservices grows within a process aiming at continuously improving the effectiveness of the quality management system through research and development, personnel training and the capacity to interpret our clients’ needs.


At Qservices, we are strongly committed to achieve customer satisfaction and loyalty, and with that in mind, we create a strategic alliance with our clients to meet and even exceed the requirements set in line with the rights acquired and obligations undertaken with respect to them.

We consider our relationship with our clients as a partnership. Thus, we work to be their technological partners, with great value added to their business processes.


Qservices has a commitment with its personnel, with society as a whole, and with the environment. For that reason, our work environment is a priority, since it enables each of us to grow both in personal and professional terms in the development of our activities.

Furthermore, we contribute our knowledge to reduce the so-called digital gap, as we collaborate with different technological projects –in particular, through software projects– to favor the inclusion of various sectors of society. Our environmental policy promotes energy efficiency and electronic waste reduction and, to that end, we recondition and encourage the donation of electronic devices for reuse and recycling.

About Us

Pablo Fiuza


With a bachelor’s degree in Systems Analysis from the School of Engineering of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), Pablo Fiuza has worked in the technology sector since 1993. Among others, he held the positions of Project Leader and Chief Operating Officer at companies specialized in system development and consulting services. In 2002, with Ariel González, he co-founded Qservices, a new technology company with the vision to offer constantly innovative, high-quality services. In the beginning, Pablo Fiuza was in charge of designing, developing and implementing numerous projects for first-class clients from different Latin American countries. At present, he is the CEO of Qservices and is responsible for the business aspects of the company and for ensuring top service quality.

Ariel Gonzalez

Project Manager

Ariel González holds a bachelor’s degree in Systems Analysis from the School of Engineering of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). As one of the founding members of Qservices, Ariel currently oversees the operating area of the company, as he guarantees compliance with quality standards, deadlines and costs regarding each of our clients’ projects. Moreover, he is in charge of the implementation and follow-up of the quality system used at our company. He leaded numerous projects on dashboard development and implementation, CRM, and for the creation of custom solutions for large companies. Among his main strengths, we may mention his project management and process improvement skills, in addition to his vast know-how about several architectures, namely Data Warehousing, Microsoft© .NET©, the Internet, and the Client-Server model.

Lucas Markovic

Development Manager

An Information Technology Engineer from the School of Engineering of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), Lucas Markovic has led several highly critical projects for various businesses, minimizing risks, optimizing development time and complying with the established goals. As for his multi-project management skills, he is very knowledgeable about the study, analysis and technical design of custom solutions. Lucas has been an integral part of the company since the very beginning; and is currently a member of Qservices, as well as the company’s Development Manager. In that position, he has used his acquired expertise to set up and coordinate our work teams.

Natalia Razzetti

Administration and Finance Manager

As a magna cum laude graduate from the School of Economic Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), Natalia joined the company in 2005 to take charge of the financing and administrative area of a thriving Qservices. From that point on, she redesigned the area and became the architect behind the company’s incorporation within the framework of the Software Law. Before her position at Qservices, Natalia worked in the financial departments of major companies such as General Electric and Tenaris.

Social Responsibility

Qservices understands that its commitment to society reflects in its work and contribution of knowledge to:

  • Reduce the so-called “digital gap.”
  • Allow access to technology by all the sectors of our society which, for different reasons, are currently outside “this technological world”.
  • Contribute technology –and, in particular, software– to help the different sectors of society by favoring their inclusion.

To that end, the company is the co-founder, along with other companies of the sector, of Fundación TINC - Tecnología por la inclusión (, through which various social projects are conducted. Our CEO, Pablo Fiuza, is the president of this NGO.

Proyecto DANE

Through the Commission for Social, Labor and Digital Inclusion and the Inclusion of People with Different Abilities of the Argentine Chamber of Software Companies and Information Technology Services (CESSI) we are coordinating Proyecto DANE [DANE Project] (the Spanish acronym stands for “development of tablet applications for children and young people with special educational needs”). This project aims at revolutionizing how contents are taught to children and young people with special needs. It seeks to position Argentina as an educational content generation hub for this segment in Latin America.

Other participants of this project include ASDRA, Fundación Argentina Fundasor, Fundación Nosotros, and APADEA.

Several applications have already been created which may be found in the appropriate app stores. For more information, visit

If you would like to join us in this project, email us at